November 9, 2012

Howard Bunsis Candidate Bio

Howard Bunsis: Candidate for EMU-AAUP Treasurer                  I have a strong interest in serving the EMU-AAUP as Treasurer. My […]
November 9, 2012

Jeannette Kindred Candidate Bio

Jeannette Kindred: Candidate for Secretary – EMU-AAUP Executive Committee                                   […]
November 9, 2012

Lidia Lee Candidate Bio

Lidia Lee: Candidate for Member at Large – EMU-AAUP Executive Committee Department of Special Education, COE Statement: Having served in the University in the past 12 […]
November 9, 2012

Mehmet Yaya Bio

           MEHMET E. YAYA – EMU-AAUP Executive Committee Member-at-Large                           […]

The Four Pillars of the EMU-AAUP

American Association of University Professors

Academic Freedom and Shared Governance

Our mission is to advance the core values of the American Association of University Professors: academic freedom and shared governance. The AAUP has been standing up for these principles since its founding 1915, and we believe that these values ensure that higher education will enhance the common good..

Working Together for the benefit of EMU

Professors Acting Collectively for the Betterment of EMU

The EMU-AAUP is the union and collective bargaining agent for the tenure and tenure-track faculty at Eastern Michigan University, and has represented the faculty since 1974. As a union, we work to act collectively to make EMU a better place, so that we can best educate and learn with the dedicated students of EMU.

We are all better off when we work together

Public Higher Education is a Public Good

To stand up and fight for the basic principle that public higher education is a public good, and to defend the institution against the corporatization of our universities. The EMU-AAUP will stand with other labor organizations, community groups, student groups and others who will fight the attacks on working people, and stand with those who believe we are always better off if we act and work together.

Research makes a difference in our communities

Promote Research and Knowledge Dissemination

We promote the interests of education and research in higher education, so that we can create and disseminate knowledge. This research will help us understand the world around us, which will make a difference in our local communities and beyond.


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March 1, 2013

Right-to-work wasn’t worth the struggle

Right-to-work wasn’t worth the struggle Some Republicans and other conservatives think there is trickery at play with the way some colleges and public school systems are […]
March 9, 2013

University of Michigan, lecturers’ union agree on 5-year pact

March 7, 2013University of Michigan, lecturers’ union agree on 5-year pact Deal made before state’s right-to-work law goes into effect Another university union has reached a […]
March 14, 2013

AAUP Report on UVA’s Dismissal of President Sullivan

The AAUP releases their report of its investigation into the University of Virginia’s attempt last June to remove Dr. Teresa Sullivan from the university presidency. The […]
March 18, 2013

President Howard Bunsis Presentation to Faculty Senate

Please follow the link to view the presenation given by President Howard Bunsis to Faculty Senate. Faculty Senate Presentation