If you think you have a grievance…

  • Call the AAUP office or e-mail the grievance staff. We can usually tell you immediately if your problem rises to the level of a grievance.

View the Grievance Procedure

  • Remember that a grievance is defined in Article VII of the Agreement is a written allegation that there has been a breach, misinterpretation, improper application, or failure to act pursuant to [the] Agreement.
  • A formal grievance must be filed on approved forms within 20 working days of the time you became aware or should have become aware of the problem. It is important to keep records and date receipt documents you receive from representatives of management.
  • A grievance must explain the facts, cite the provisions of the Agreement that management has violated, and specify the desired outcome. An individual Faculty Member, a group of Faculty Members, or the AAUP may file a grievance.
  • Many matters can be resolved by the timely intervention of the AAUP, often without the filing of a grievance. Let us know as soon as you think you have a problem. We view the grievance procedure as a dispute-resolution and a problem-solving mechanism, not as a means to blame.