November 19, 2013

EAA and the College of Education Council Letter to the Board of Regents

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The following is a letter to the BOR sent by the COE Council:

Dear EMU Board of Regents, President Martin, and Provost Schatzel,

We, the faculty members of the College of Education Council, as representatives of the faculty of this college, respectfully request that the university’s participation in the inter-local agreement that created the Education Achievement Authority be severed immediately. We base our request on the following rationale:

We find the undermining of democratic processes represented in the creation of a district outside the purview of public decision-making and oversight to be in direct conflict with this university’s mission and our legacy as a champion of public education. This violation of our principles is now beginning to affect our historically strong relationship with local schools, as local districts have begun to respond. In a strong protest of EMU’s involvement in the EAA, the leadership of the Michigan Education Association in Washtenaw County is now moving to boycott placement of our student teachers in their schools. They have plans to work with unions in other nearby counties to do the same. Obviously this response will have detrimental impacts on enrollment and student credit hour production as the effects of this teacher-led action undermine our ability to attract students to our programs, and carry out necessary aspects of our national accreditation.

November 19, 2013

Reminder: Voting Ends Friday, November 22nd

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December 3, 2013

EMU faculty urge university to drop out of Education Achievement Authority

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December 9, 2013

College of Education Rally protesting EMU’s alliance with the EAA

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