Michigan weakens union rights in home of auto industry

EMU-AAUP bus to Lansing Tuesday @9am from the Convocation Center
December 9, 2012
Michigan’s Right to Work Legislation
December 17, 2012

Michigan weakens union rights in home of auto industry

Michigan weakens union rights in home of auto industry
Bernie Woodall, Reuters
5:30 PM CST, December 11, 2012

LANSING, Michigan (Reuters) -Michigan enacted a ban on mandatory union membership on Tuesday, dealing a stunning blow to organized labor in the state that is home to U.S. automakers and the symbol of industrial labor in the United States.

As more than 12,000 unionized workers and supporters protested at the Capitol in Lansing, the Republican-led state House of Representatives gave final approval to a pair of “right-to-work” bills covering public- and private-sector unions.

Republican Governor Rick Snyder signed the bills into law as soon as they reached his desk, completing in a few days a campaign to make Michigan the 24th U.S. state to prohibit unions from requiring employees to join and contribute dues.

“I view this as an opportunity to stand up for Michigan’s workers, to be pro-worker,” Snyder told a news conference after he signed the bills.

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  1. Muzza says:

    could it be he had busyers rroseme? took a job he thought was better and more prestigious and realized he was happier where he was? that perhaps U-M was not what he thought it was going to be?that has happened to a lot of normal folk not academics of course, because if the place they went was not what they thought it was it would obvioulsy be the fault of the institution, not them

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